Ex-Cofounder of indie game studio SillyCat Studio - Looking for a job
Organizer of French indie game event Pitch My Game
You can find me on LinkedIn or mail me : alexandre DOT itard AT gmail DOT com

#SillyCat Studio Games

#Ludum Dare

Made during Ludum Dare 34
Theme : "Two Buttons" + "Growing"

Sole Three is a simple action game about you, a stork and invasion.
Also shooting too much is not good for vision.
Your computer mouse can block it if you're not paying attention.
Play it here
Created with Unity3D.

#Game Jams

Made during Global Game Jam 2013
Theme : Heart beating

Where is Love is tablet game based using 3D sounds.
Find your soulmate in the crowd, following his or her heartbeats.

Play it here
Created with Unity3D.

Made during Global Game Jam 2014
Theme : "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

Cat versus Wild is tablet game based on physics.
It's the Apocalypse & you have to protect a cat.
Problem ? Blocks are not what they seems to be.
Play it here
Created with Unity3D.

#Student Projects

DuelScreen is a tactical/strategic game
opposing two players on the same device.

Your goal is to defeat the enemy hero.
Use magic and invocation to succeed.

Watch the trailer
Created with Unity3D.

Action game prototype made in one week.
You are a super soldier and your goal is to save
every hostages from bad guyz.

Avoid bullets, use a good timing, DO YOUR JOB SOLDIER !

Here is a link to play it, on recent browsers.
Created in HTML5.

Prototype made for smartphones and tablets
Speed City is an arcade-citybuilder game.

Your goal is to build your city as fast as possible,
looking after your fellow citizens' needs.
Their satisfaction should not be neglected.

Awards : Grand Prix & Originality Awards -
StageOne Contest, by Playsoft

Watch the trailer
Watch a gameplay video
Created with Unity3D.

Web browser project game
It's an RPG-card game, taking place in a zombies world.

Zoup participated in 2011 to the 1st HITS PLAYTIME contest
organized by Le Monde.

Aborted today, maybe it will be resurrected one day...

Puzzle game prototype made in one week.

You control two characters simultaneously,
your goal is to get every treasure in the dungeon.

Created in HTML5.

Alexandre Itard